Solar Panels

Clearview Solar Energy Solution
Reduce and even eliminate your electric bill…

Now you have the “Power” to save.  By investing in a Solar Electric System, you can generate your own clean electricity from sunlight, with now air pollution or noise, and most important, with a great cost-benefit ratio of your investment.

Solar Power is practical and economical
All over America and the world, people are integrating solar into their electricity and heating systems.  Why?

Solar Power saves on electricity costs
You can cut or virtually eliminate your electric bill.  With the excess solar power, you can actually run your electric meter backwards and save!

Solar Power increases the value of your home

If your concerned that you wont be in your home long enough to enjoy all the benefits of your solar system or long enough for the system to pay off, you should not that you could gain from increased home value as soon as your system is installed.  According to a study by the National Appraisal Institute, a PV system will add $10-$20 to the value of your home for every dollar saved over the course of a year.  As an example, if your system saves you $1200/year, it would typically add $12,000-$24,000 to your home’s value.  Add values to any property, Solar systems are exempt from property taxes, but the value of a solar system is added to the appraised value of a property.  It’s one of the few home improvements that can be justified in terms of return on invested dollar.

Any control over your own home energy is Empowering

Renewable Energy in all form is good for the future of our Earth

Due to some aggressive campaigning by governments and fossil fuel companies – and to people’s desire to live in denial – there remains a belief among some people that things “aren’t really so bad”.  But:

The Asian brown cloud is caused largely by the burning of fossil fuels.

Smog and all its attendant woes (including increased in allergy diagnoses, breathing disorders, cancer rates, etc.) is caused by fossil fuels.

Global warming is intensified by green house gases.

All of your Solar Power is free

After the initial purchase cost of your solar system.  Ten years from now, the solar energy you are collecting at your own home will still be free, and meanwhile… 

Prices for fossil fuels will continue to rise higher and higher and you will be with the knowledge that you will have security and independence.